Jeff Meeks Training & Consulting (JMTC) is a premier provider of leadership development, sales training, and strategic business consulting services.

Founded by Jeff Meeks, a certified John Maxwell trainer and a recognized voice in leadership and sales strategies, JMTC is dedicated to empowering leaders and organizations to achieve their highest potential. Through a blend of personalized training programs, insightful consulting, and dynamic public speaking engagements, JMTC helps clients navigate the complexities of modern business environments to foster growth, enhance team performance, and drive significant business results. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for transformative growth, JMTC is the go-to partner for those looking to lead with confidence and achieve sustainable success.


At Jeff Meeks Training & Consulting (JMTC), our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential through transformative leadership and innovative business strategies. We are dedicated to cultivating a culture of excellence, where dynamic leadership and effective communication drive growth, success, and positive change. Through our tailored training programs, insightful consulting, and inspiring public speaking engagements, we commit to not only guiding our clients to achieve their goals but also to inspire them to set new ones. In every endeavor, we strive to embody the principles of integrity, passion, and continuous improvement, ensuring that every leader we touch is equipped to lead with purpose and impact.

Training involves equipping individuals or teams with specific knowledge, skills, and techniques to enhance their performance, capabilities, and effectiveness in a particular area or field.

Consulting involves offering expert advice and solutions to individuals or organizations seeking strategic direction, problem-solving, and improvement in various business areas.

Engaging presentations or talks to inform, inspire, and motivate audiences on topics ranging from leadership and personal development to industry insights and innovation.

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