Training involves equipping individuals or teams with specific knowledge, skills, and techniques to enhance their performance, capabilities, and effectiveness in a particular area or field.

Consulting involves offering expert advice and solutions to individuals or organizations seeking strategic direction, problem-solving, and improvement in various business areas.

Engaging presentations or talks to inform, inspire, and motivate audiences on topics ranging from leadership and personal development to industry insights and innovation.

Welcome to Jeff Meeks Training & Consulting, the epicenter of transformative leadership and sales excellence. At the helm is Jeff Meeks, a distinguished entrepreneur, certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker, Teacher, and Coach, as well as a Certified DISC Trainer. Jeff is not only the creative force behind the Prestige Marketing Group & Events, but he’s also the visionary voice of The Real Man Project Podcast. His journey in founding this company is rooted in a profound movement towards cultivating exceptional leaders within organizations, empower


Jeff Meeks is the founder & CEO of JMTC. Jeff’s ethos is grounded in the belief that true leadership is about pioneering, not following. As a trendsetter, he has consistently demonstrated a knack for identifying and setting new directions in the leadership and sales domains. His approach is holistic, integrating the principles of faith and a deep-seated belief that everything in life happens for a reason and that every individual has a unique purpose. With a passion that extends into the realm of continuous learning, Jeff immerses himself in the study of business, consistently enriching his knowledge through the monthly ritual of exploring new books. 

This relentless pursuit of growth is not just a personal endeavor but a philosophy he eagerly shares with those he mentors. Specializing in Sales, Jeff’s expertise offers a dual benefit. He not only shapes visionary leaders but also equips sales forces with the strategies and insights needed to create more opportunities and significantly boost revenue. His training programs are designed to be transformative, steering individuals and organizations towards achieving their highest potential.

Choosing Jeff Meeks means opting for a seasoned professional with a proven track record in leadership development, sales training, and strategic consulting. Jeff’s dynamic approach, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence ensure tangible results and transformative growth for individuals and organizations alike. With Jeff Meeks, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to empowering you to reach new heights of success and leadership effectiveness.

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